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Tiger Education Screening Intervention

Tiger Education Screening Intervention (TESI) is a one-on-one educational intervention program designed to help students reduce the risks associated with their alcohol and/or substance use.


Over the course of 2 – 3 sessions, students will meet individually with a trained TESI facilitator to explore how their alcohol/substance use may be impacting other areas of their life, receive personalized feedback on their use, and determine strategies to reduce their risk. All sessions are confidential.


The cost of TESI for mandated students is $125. This fee is waived for students who self-refer into the program.

Image by Eric Rothermel


To schedule a TESI appointment, please call the Health Promotion & Wellness Services office at 334-844-1528 or use the link below. 

If you are scheduling your first appointment, please be prepared to share the following information with our staff so we can get you scheduled in a timely fashion.

  • Full Name

  • Auburn Email Address

  • Banner ID / Tiger Card Number

  • Cell Phone Number

  • Date of Birth

Frequently Asked Questions

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