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OPL Policies and Guidelines

Here you will find helpful guidelines for OPL members. After reviewing the information below, please email for more information. 



  • Regulations concerning attire are the same as the Recreation and Wellness Center



  1. Members are allowed to cancel reserved times without penalty with the following restrictions:

  2.  Morning sessions must be cancelled by 8 a.m. the day of the reservation

  3. Afternoon sessions must be cancelled by 12 p.m. the day of the reservation

  4. Late cancellations, arriving over 15 minutes late, or failure to show for your reservation will result in a penalty

  5. First offense: written warning

  6. Second offence: loss of ability to use the space for two weeks

  7. Third offence: loss of ability to use the space for the remainder of the semester


  • Students, faculty/staff, spouses, partners and retirees of Auburn University that have a current membership to the Recreation and Wellness Center.

  • OPL membership can be purchased upon the completion of the orientation and test out process.


  • No guests are allowed in the OPL facility


  • Campus Recreation charges a fee for use of the OPL space and/or OPL services. All services can be purchased anytime throughout the year by debit/credit card via our Online Payment Portal, at the Campus Recreation Main Office located on the 3rd floor in the Recreation and Wellness Center, or at the Personal Training Welcome Desk. Payment must be received prior to use of the space.

  • Orientation and test outs are complimentary.  The cost of membership is $50/semester OR $25/month.  There are no refunds or pro-rated pricing.  Once successfully completed it is not necessary to repeat the orientation and test out. 


  • Campus Recreation does not issue refunds (full or partial) for memberships, group fitness passes, personal training sessions or any other for-fee service or programming.


  1. Reservations

  • A rack and bar may be reserved with one other member for 30, 60, or 90 minutes, 4 days out of the week. Only one member is able to formally reserve the rack online

  • Members will be allowed through the turnstiles no more than 5 minutes prior to their reserved time

  • Reservations can be made up to 7 days in advance

  • Walk-ins are welcome if space is available​

Rules of Use

1. Equipment

No dropping rubberized metal or speckle plates

  • Olympic bars are to be used for Olympic lifts only and always outside of the rack

  • Power bars are to be used for all lifts that aren't Olympic, and can be used inside or outside of the rack

  • Training bar may only be loaded 15lbs/side

  • Walls may not be used for assisted handstands

  • Plates may not be used to elevate the height of the bar (i.e. dealifts)

  • Plates may not be dropped on plates; blocks are provided on a first come first serve basis

  • A chalk bucket is provided for performing lifts. This chalk is the only chalk allowed in the OPL space. Chalk must be applied inside of the clak bucket. Chalk use must be controlled to minimize mess. Cleaning kits will be provided for members to clean the area of any chalk or otheresidue before exiting the facility. Misuse of this may result in loss of membership or chalk priviledges

  • Members are responsible for leaving the lifting space clean and organized before exiting the facility. Cleaning materials are provided to clean up at the end of each session. See the OPL attendant for instructions


    2. Facility

  • The OPL area is not for member usage outside of its facility hours

  • The OPL area may not be used for extensive warm ups or cool downs; please perform these in the main area of The Rec

  • The OPL area is for Olympic weightlifting / Powerlifting specifically and the training needs that come with those sports. CrossFit or anything that is viewed as unsafe or misuse of equipment by the attendant is restricted

  • Restrooms are single use and should be reserved for their intended use

  • Changing room should be used for clothing changes

  • Personal items are not allowed in the lifting area and should be stored in a locker

  • Workout bags, food, ammonia inhalants, and drinks without lids are strictly prohibited inside of the OPL area

  • Use of personal accessory equipment is allowed and encouraged. For guidance on what equipment is allowed, please check with a professional team member

  • Failure to abide by weightlifting rules and regulations will result in a disciplinary action up to suspension from the facility. Any misconduct reported will be handled by professional staff

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Rules of Use
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