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Olympic and Powerlifting

It Never Gets Easier, You Just Get Stronger

Auburn University Recreation and Wellness is excited to provide Olympic lifting and powerlifting in our state-of-the-art facility— The Den.
The entrance is located on the lower level of The Recreation and Wellness Center, behind the climbing wall. This facility comes complete with eight Olympic lifting platforms, full racks, specialty barbells, bumper plates, chalk, jerk table, and more. Eight racks are open for any member to utilize (if not reserved), and four racks are reservable for Power Pass holders. If you're interested in reserving a rack for your workouts or using competition equipment, the Power Pass is for you. See details below. 

Attend Our OPL Techniques Workshop on April 17. 

Prepare for the OPL Test-Out

The Den Is Now Open

Check out the new Olympic/Powerlifting space on lower level. 

Image by Victor Freitas

Open During Regular
Rec/Wellness Hours


All 8 racks available
before 8 a.m. for general use.


4 general use racks (racks 1-4) and 4 reservable Power Pass racks (5-8) available 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.  


Any rack not reserved during this time period will also be available for general use.

The Power Pass

Olympic lifting and powerlifting


Email OPL to schedule an orientation time. Orientations take approximately 30 minutes to complete. Orientation must be completed before scheduling a test-out and purchasing a Power Pass. 


Test-out can be completed immediately following the orientation or at a later date. After successfully completing your evaluation/test-out, you will then be eligible to purchase the Power Pass. 


Purchase the Power Pass under "Passess and Memberships" on RWC Connect.
It will only be available for purchase after the test-out and the eligibility has been added to your member profile. 


After you have completed the orientation, test-out, and purchased a Power Pass, you may reserve a platform on RWC Connect. Platforms may be reserved up to a week in advance. 

Get Started

Auburn University’s weightlifting facility requirements:

  1. Schedule and attend a free orientation by emailing

  2. Email to schedule, and complete an evaluation (test out) performed by a Campus Recreation professional team member. See the rubric here.

  3. Purchase a "Power Pass" under "Passes and Memberships" for full use of weightlifting facility: 

    1. Semester Power Pass: $50 

    2. Monthly Power Pass: $25

If you are logged in, and do not see the OPL Power Pass option, you may need to complete the orientation and test-out. For question, email

After passing the test-out and purchasing the "Power Pass," you may access the facility, and perform Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting with friends in a safe, monitored environment. 

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