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Head Lifeguard, Bill Collins Receives Creative Mentorship Award

Student Head Lifeguard, Bill Collins awarded the Mark A. Spencer Creative Mentorship Award next Friday for his work in Modeling Pressure Distributions Over Axisymmetric Bodies in Compressible Flows.

The Mark A. Spencer Creative Mentorship Award encourages and recognizes the efforts of engineering faculty who take an interest in the personal and professional development of students through a mentoring relationship, and rewards both faculty members and students for creative collaboration. The award was created by William and Samia Spencer and their son Mark in recognition of the valuable role that mentors played in his education at Auburn. One of Mark's greatest mentors and advocates was Thad Roppel, associate professor in electrical and computer engineering, who provided encouragement, advice and guidance to Mark.

To be eligible for this award, the faculty member must be a member of the engineering faculty and the student must be an undergraduate enrolled in the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering.


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